From the busiest street in Edinburgh

I’m back to my blog after a break for my flat move – to one of the busiest streets in Edinburgh! I would be all un-packed if it wasn’t for a fear of trying to make actual book cases out of those flat things on my living room floor! I’m happy to be living in a building with a great sign on the side of it, right up my street indeed, image below… Things are going well with Dazzle which ends on Monday, I’ve been a couple of times, some lovely work. And the exhibition in the US is still on, have no idea what’s happening there yet, so we will see. I’m currently working on an order for a new store opening in Switzerland, jewellery and collages which is great. I will post more information once it’s started there. I’ve also sent off work to an online gallery based in Western Australia, which I will also post about once that has been launched.  So some exciting things due to happen.

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