Starting work for Lustre 2010

After a couple of days at the start of this week, re-organising the studio (a great avoidance tactic), I thought I had better get started on my next collection. I am taking part in Lustre 10 for the first time; a contemporary craft fair in Nottingham in mid-November. I worked out the colours I want to use, the beads, cottons and stamps, and then the papers, I want a real mixed lot of old papers in the collection, postcards, stamps, maps and photos, and then hopefully a few unexpected items will wander in along the way.

2 thoughts on “Starting work for Lustre 2010

  1. Reorganizing your studio no doubt brought up useful associations as well as serendiptious ones. Not just an avoidance technique, honest!

    I need to recorganize as well. I always love the results.

    Looking forward to seeing your work at Lustre

    1. Thanks! Yes it is a good starting point really and I’m probably much more focused than I would have been otherwise, and you always see something differently. Will you be visiting Lustre? I will send more details over the coming weeks on it.

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