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After graduating from Edinburgh College of Art in 1997 with a BA (Hons) in Jewellery and Silversmithing, I received a Start-Up Grant in 1998 from the Scottish Arts Council to set up my own workshop and business in Edinburgh. Throughout the years I have won many awards and taken part in many exhibitions and fairs; and had collections of my jewellery in various galleries across the UK, USA and Europe.

I continue to design and make one-off and limited edition jewellery, as well as one-off collages, all made at Manchester Craft & Design Centre, where I also sell my work. I am currently excitedly setting up my very own Studio / Shop, Studio 20a. It is to be the largest display of my work and you are welcome to visit and discuss orders and commissions.

The Craft Centre is open to the public from Monday to Saturday, 10am to 5.30pm (and Sunday’s in December). It is a completely unique venue where you can see and buy contemporary crafts. There are 19 studio / shops where makers make and sell their textiles, ceramics, glass, painting and more.



Surrounding myself in the studio with old postcards, letters, photographs, stamps and maps, dating from around 100 years ago, I begin to create one off and limited edition pieces of jewellery.

I source ephemera that is separated from their original family ties, and would otherwise be discarded as worthless. The handwritten messages from unknown characters leads us to question who they were, and transferring them into new pieces of jewellery preserves them and gives them a new life to be once again treasured.

Interesting sections from the found ephemera are extracted then combined with new handmade metalwork. The metalwork elements are influenced by markings in the found papers, and markings found in our urban environment. Contemporary cityscapes with their layers of history are an inspiration to my work.

My collection consists of necklaces, bracelets, brooches, earrings and cufflinks. I also create one-off collages combining found ephemera, layered with papers textured during my jewellery making process, and hand stitched details.

6 thoughts on “About Me . . .

  1. Hi Clare,
    I recently came to visit your studio with my sister and Gran. I find your work so beautiful, I was really inspired by what you produce. You are an amazing artist and your work continues to amaze me!

  2. i find you very inspirational, i have choosen you as my artist to research for college. you’re work is very unipue and classic. you also gave me inspriration to try new things and push my self out on my comfort zone. i am a massive fan of you work.
    thank you for the inspiration.
    Amy woodward

    1. Thank you so much Amy, (that is so flattering!!)

      Good luck at college, and enjoy it all, it’s amazing to hear that you’re inspired to try new things, it really reminds me to push myself!! And while you’re studying is the best time to do be experimental, so make the most of it!
      Thank you and massive good luck,

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