Current exhibitions

Two exhibitions started this weekend. The first is Letters + Words at Taboo Studio, California which I posted on earlier. And the other is Dazzle during the Edinburgh Festival. This is at the Traverse Theatre on Cambridge Street in Edinburgh and runs until 30 August. Can’t wait to visit and take in all that wonderful jewellery, there are over 40 jewellers on show. I promise myself something every year, though not actually been able to, yet! Here are a few items available at Dazzle.


2 thoughts on “Current exhibitions

  1. Your work is exquisite! I stumbled upon your website following a link from a blog I was reading. I’m amazed by the beauty of your pieces. I’m currently in the process of designing some pieces with stamps, what I see here is so inspiring!

    1. Thanks so much for such a lovely comment! I’m pleased I’ve inspired someone! I will be posting again nearer the end of this week after a little gap due to my moving flat. Good luck with your work.

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