Cities of Hope

A very exciting thing happened in Manchester a couple of weeks ago, in the northern quarter in fact where my studio/shop is. It became our turn for the project to visit us. 9 renowned street artists came and made our streets even more intereting. The images discussed social issues which you can find more about on their website. 

I was even more excited to find two artists working just outside the craft centre so I was able to snap some work in progress shots of those. Others I found in progress too and I returned this evening with fingers crossed that none had been over painted (LOST HOPE has already!). 


Some observations . . .

Taking different routes home from the studio this week, and a wander last weekend to the Antiques Village (amazing!) and a quick trip to the Northern Quarter . . .


Last few days

Starts with some sparkly trees on Canal Street!

Then a trip to the Whitworth Gallery to see the We Face Forward exhibition, some of which spilled out into the park.

Keep seeing these two poems from the bus on the way to the studio so at last I got a chance to see them close up . . .

Couple of great walls found in the Northern Quarter . . .

Two more pendants on cottons with oval postcards and dots of stamps I made at the start of the week; a couple of things I made later in the week are coming up soon . . .

Day out in Stockport

This was actually the Sunday before last but its been so busy this week, I’ve had to leave it until now. I ventured out on my own to Stockport, not such a big deal if you know that its not that far and very easy to get to. I’ve been lucky to have new friends taking me places so far, but this one I knew I wanted to spend time wandering and wandering, so off I went! The Vintage Village was on again, amazing! And I also went to the Staircase Museum, supposed to be really haunted, but I didn’t see anyone, shame!

Some lovely adverts, always my favourite thing to find
The old market place where the fair takes place
Beautiful ornate buildings with cinema and more vintage
Advert for a tailors by my new favourite furniture shop
Wandering around the market place
Curious date inscribbed into the floor
Went to the Staircase House Museum
Beautiful orange walls
Inside every floor was from a different period
Layers of walls from its stages of life
The rooms were based on who actually had lived there
My favorite, the 20’s room, and the least spooky
more old faded signage …
Lots of tudor style buildings dotted around the town
People getting married at the Plaza, their names in lights

Bye Edinburgh!

I will shortly be saying goodbye to Edinburgh! I came here for college (Edinburgh College of Art) and remained here for 14 years-ish. Its a beautiful city but its time to find a new home. I’ve been inspired by Edinburgh massively, its given me a love of cities, and the colour grey! I have a couple of weeks left so have found myself looking over photos from the last few years that have been an inspiration. The textures, walls with disappearing old ads painted on them many years ago and the architecture . . .

This building is on my walk to the studio, and is beautiful, but I loved it when the walkway towards it was adorned briefly with yellow scaffolding. Scaffolding is like jewellery being worn by the building, and reminds me of constructing jewellery, work in progress!


On a lovely lane towards Stockbridge


Love the work that has gone into this perfectly gold sign in St Stephen Street


Another advert on both sides of a doorway at the end of Chambers Street, Straw and Felt Hatters


Love this building, off Nicholson Street


Nice wall! Could easily be a painting or tapestry


An Antony Gormley at the entrance to the Gallery of Modern Art. There are a series of these but have only managed to see about half of them


Foxy get off the roof! Its a 2D metal cut out on the top of a building off Broughton Street


Up in Leith, I love old tatty shop fronts, really honest looking and a proper fishmongers I reckon


On Leith Walk, lovely disappearing tailors sign


Stencil grafitti ... this was in Bruntsfield and there's another to come soon ...


Stick No Bills ... always thought of this as being on posters and more of a modern thing


Have no idea what kind of brances, the shop itself no longer exists


Beautiful wall ... looks like a tapestry


Another sign on the Royal Mile with a lovely hand, there's another hand sign somewhere here that I've been searching for...


Would love to see what these sections where advertising, just for a minute, then let them to go back to this


This entrance on the Royal Mile is very collage-y and stitch-ery dont you think!


I dont think this is there anymore, it was on Victoria Street


Gorgeous layers of blue and gold writing either side of a door on the Bridges




A few days in Manchester

Spent three lovely sunny days in Manchester last week (reasons why to come another time!) Lots of wandering was done, from staying on Canal Street to visiting the Royal Exchange where Dazzle will be held at Christmas this year, to the People’s Museum and Spinningfields, lots of wandering around the Northern Quarter and an essential visit to the Manchester Craft and Design Centre, really worth a trip.