Our Northern Quarter

One of the things that pulled me to Manchester was the Northern Quarter, it has such a great creative atmosphere. A year after I arrived here I managed to move my studio to Manchester Craft + Design Centre in the heart of the Northern Quarter, 5 years further on, I still love the Northern Quarter, and of course have my own studio / shop.

There are a few things going on here at the moment that make it worth a visit . . .

Bee in the City continues until 23 September, over a 100 bees decorated by various artists are situated all around the city. We have a large and a few baby bees at the Craft Centre and you can pick up a trail map here too.

Heritage Open Weekend continues this weekend, 13 to 16 September. An annual festival allowing people to visit places that are often hidden or to find out more about our history. MCDC will be joining in this Saturday 15 September with free tours and a ceramic workshop, and of course all of our studios will be open as usual.

Our next exhibition will also be open on Saturday, A Journey Home, it launches this Thursday and continues until 17 November. It is the first UK solo show by Eunmi Kim, her ceramics explore what it means to be Korean and traditional Korean art and is part of Asia Triennial Manchester. I have been following Eunmi’s preparations over on Instagram, her work is beautiful and I can’t wait for this!

You can really make a day of this area as there are so many nice shops and cafes to choose from, and restaurants and bars for a little later on. One of my favourite cafes is Fig + Sparrow on Oldham Road, I love the interior as much as the food.

Whenever I’m in need of a florist, there are two that I always support, Northern Flower on Tib Street (opposite MCDC and next door to Sugar Junction, a very popular cafe) as well as Flourish at the Market Street (shopping high street) end of Tib Street, they both always have such an great interesting choice.

Back on Oldham Street, near Fig & Sparrow, there are plenty of vintage clothes, record and book shops. Oldham Road leads north from Piccadilly Gardens, the city centre and the Northern Quarter leads on to Piccadilly train station, so it’s an easy walking distance.

Around the corner is a shop most makers at MCDC couldn’t live without, Fred Aldous as it supplies so much for our making lives

But while you’re wandering around the Northern Quarter remember, look up and look down, look around, there are so many works of street art everywhere, painted bees of course, things from last years Cities of Hope and changing pieces, just keep wandering!

And if you’re looking at this one then look left to find, another bee, and MCDC!

Hope to see you soon!

Birthday number 3

It’s my third birthday in the studio / shop at Manchester Craft and Design Centre and I still love it like it’s day one.

I am so appreciative of all the lovely customers I’ve had over those years and all the appreciation, feedback, encouragement and odd conversations, I’ve had a few good odd ones! It’s great to see how people react to the work and the unexpected ways that links them to it. It’s been great to develop collage commissions with people, assembling and archiving their treasured paper memories. And it’s been brilliant to make bespoke jewellery, tailored to people’s wants, tastes and budgets!

Thank you everyone who has stepped into my little space and enjoyed being there! Your support means I can keep doing what I was made to do! Thank you x

Studio 3 launch this Saturday!

As I am new to the lovely Linzi Ramsden’s Studio 3, and we have had a nice fresh re-furb, we will be launching Studio 3 this Saturday ….


We will also be opening the first of an exciting series of 3-month ‘invited makers’ exhibitions at the studio. The first will show collections by Julie Dooley and Ellen Claesson. They both graduated from Cardiff Metropolitan School of Art and Design in 2013. They are also part of the annual exhibition at the Craft Centre, Future Makers, showcasing recent graduates. Each studio at the Craft Centre has selected a maker of their choice from the graduate shows across the UK. The main exhibition space at the Craft Centre, will show work by graduate Elizabeth Jane Winstanley and it all opens this Saturday! I am so excited to be in this great new studio/shop and hope you can visit me in our celebrations! 

It would be lovely if you can join us on ….

on Saturday 15th March

from 2pm to 5pm

at Studio 3 / Manchester Craft & Design Centre


Here’s what I’ve been up to …

Between Christmas and New Year I have been moving studio, again, but this time still within the craft centre, to a bigger work and display space in studio 3, sharing with Linzi Ramsden ceramics. A very exciting new space with a great presence in the craft centre. We have been busy painting and setting up and are nearly ready for our launch mid March, a Saturday yet to be confirmed! We will also be curating a display of invited makers of various disciplines in three month exhibitions. Details will follow!


















Come along!

Our open evening at AWOL studios is this Thursday … I will have lots of jewellery, collages and bunting to have a look at and many of the other studios will be open too, its always a fun night! Now, I’m off to sort out the mess in my studio after the genius idea to re-arrange, everything!

Some new pieces in the studio at the moment . . .

Doors Open Days: 24 & 25 September

‘Doors Open Days’ is next weekend from 12noon to 5pm each day. There will be a free guided tour of Patriothall and a few studios open to look in including The Edinburgh Laser Cutting Studio on the first floor, where Jenny Smith will be demonstrating the laser cutter for 10 minutes on the hour, then up to my studio on the 2nd floor where I will have both jewellery and collages to have a look at. Everyone is welcome!

I’m off to make this lot into bunting!

More information on Patriothall and Doors Open Days around Edinburgh over the weekend.

New jewellery

It’s been a busy time since my last posting, after my laser cutting summer school I completed a group of jewellery I had previously put on hold for Contemporary Applied Arts in London and then got back to working on my new collection for Debbie Bryan Studio & Shop in Nottingham, to arrive in time for their Heritage Open Days (8 to 11 September), my work will continue at the shop after the open days.

I have put aside my laser cutting and etching experiments as I think I need to sleep on them for awhile longer and instead for this collection I simply drew from the lace patterns, taking shapes from the drawings to incorporate in this new group. I used postcards both the written side and the images, stamps and postal markings, of postcards that had been either sent from or to Nottingham, from around 1880 to the 1930’s. Including one postcard, bought and sent from Nottingham to Paris, then forwarded to a second hotel in Paris before it made its way to Isreal where it was sold to me and so now returns to Nottingham via Edinburgh. Maybe someone visiting from Paris will buy the necklace it now lives in?

Next I will be preparing for the Doors Open Days here in Edinburgh which includes a guided tour behind the scenes at our studio building at WASPS Patriothall in Stockbridge, and my studio will be open for a nosey, as will The Edinburgh Laser Cutting Studio where I took my summer school course. This all takes place on Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 September (open 12 to 5pm each day). Then the following weekend we will be having our official annual WASPS open studios weekend – Saturday 1 (11am to 5pm) and Sunday 2 October (12noon – 5pm). Feel free to visit, there will be quite a few studios open to have a browse around.