Collages online

New Postcard Collages have been to my online shop, a good few have already gone but I will adding more soon!

I have also added new mini Fragment Collages too. I’ve made more with double shapes but still kept the singles as they are great when they are displayed in groups, take a look here . . .

Postcard Collages
Fragment Collages

Current Collages

I wanted to share some recent collages with you. As always they incorporate old postcards and other ephemera, a little more stitching, my white printed papers achieved through my jewellery making process, and an occasional very long oxidised old pin! I have worked into them more with paint this time, experimenting with textures and concentrating on a muted warm palette that I seem to be drawn to lately.

They are all one-offs as usual and measure 25cm square with a small (glass-less) frame. I removed the glass as it was reducing the colours and details!

They are available from my studio / shop though I’m happy to send along more details on request and post. Hope you like!

Collages workshop . . .

Yesterday I took my first workshop in quite awhile at the lovely Debbie Bryan Studio & Shop in Nottingham. It was a great day full of lots of creativity. Some of the papers I sourced for the workshop before the trip . . .


On the way in from the station I discovered the best vintage shop, Hopkinson! It was such a treat to find, and to follow it with spending lots of time at Debbie’s, felt very spoilt indeed, and also I now have my second ‘couldn’t visit Nottingham without visiting’ place! This is a little leather binoculars case I bought, why? I don’t know yet, but couldn’t ignore it!

Then on the way in, I had been to Nottingham Contemporary before, but hadn’t actually realised the lace pattern on the exterior! It is in the Lace Market after all!

Then the workshop itself. A full day of working on collages with a group from Paper Rose. A few of the girls taking the workshop had brought along some lovely ephemera, some also bought from Hopkinson; and one letter was kindly given to me, as in the image with the leather case, very kind and a really lovely piece I’m looking forward to using. It was a great day, with plenty cake and tea! I have signed up to take another workshop next year, which I will post information on nearer the time. Thanks Debbie and Paper Rose! x




Little clay men

I got a handy tip from a fellow maker recently about a shop called Empire Exchange in town selling all kinds of ephemera and the like, so yesterday morning I took a trip there and found myself more paper nonsence for my ever expanding collection. I found 2 science notebooks from 1938 belonging to a Jean Fielden, full of lovely diagrams, her pencil notes and drawings.


Which brings me onto the amazing Vintage Village in Stockport I was introduced to on Sunday. I was impressed at myself not having to be dragged home kicking and crying, I am hooked and happy to say its on once every month! I did take my camera, but completely forgot, I was so absorbed! (next time!) So I took photos of my finds back at home. The drawers were from a car boot sale we went to first and the clothing labels may get stitched to a sofa cushion at some point…

Then this morning I went back passed Empire Exchange again as on my way up to the studio yesterday I came across a lovely bird painted on the side of the building, note the silhouette of the man crossing the road for later …

But, on my way up to the painted bird, I wandered through the centre of town as I recently found out about FutureEverything and heard about a ceramic artist who was depositing little clay men (#littleclaymen) around the city today for people to find and pick up as part of the event. I found loads on benches and statues, and a lot of intrigued people.

Later on my walk up to the studio I found more little clay men walking around a beautiful derelict building I stopped to photograph. I love the Northern Quarter, I feel so at home here, there is always something unexpected to find.

And now I have some little helpers in the studio … 

a few found papers and objects

Spent some time this morning having a tidy of my website, getting it ready to add a shop, the collection of jewellery is growing for that. And inevitably my eyes start wandering around my flat and studio while still thinking about new ideas, falling on the odd objects and papers I gather along my way . . . and playing with combining them as I’ve started plotting some new collages too . . .