Collages online

New Postcard Collages have been to my online shop, a good few have already gone but I will adding more soon!

I have also added new mini Fragment Collages too. I’ve made more with double shapes but still kept the singles as they are great when they are displayed in groups, take a look here . . .

Postcard Collages
Fragment Collages

Locket commission

A few months ago I received a lovely commission. The customer wanted a locket to give to his daughter on her wedding day that contained a photo of her mother. He wanted it to slid open rather than the traditional hinge design, to be decorated on the top, but not too fussy, to be white silver, to include something green, his daughters favourite colour and along the way we added the inscription on the reverse which included the date of the wedding.

After some discussion, designing and making samples, this way the final piece, with some work in progress. The design is now online for others to order to their preferences . . .

Collage Brooches

I’ve have just completed a new series of collage brooches. It’s been a few years since I’ve made any of my one off collage brooches, they need a lot more time to figure out and go through many versions before I can get making.

The initial idea was to work with layering of my materials, oxidised silver which I’ve reduced the larger sections to a grey finish to contrast with the upper smaller layers, larger pieces of ruler, settings in oval and irregular hexagons with a split of handwriting and image side of postcards, and then various elements, linear fragments, few brass elements which I liked the colour of with the greys and woods, and then hints of gold leaf highlights. And of course a scattering of gold tube rivets.

I took progress images along the way . . . and have added the results to my online shop