Cities of Hope

A very exciting thing happened in Manchester a couple of weeks ago, in the northern quarter in fact where my studio/shop is. It became our turn for the project to visit us. 9 renowned street artists came and made our streets even more intereting. The images discussed social issues which you can find more about on their website. 

I was even more excited to find two artists working just outside the craft centre so I was able to snap some work in progress shots of those. Others I found in progress too and I returned this evening with fingers crossed that none had been over painted (LOST HOPE has already!). 


Graffiti hunting in London

I’ve been very lucky this year enjoying many a long weekend in London. Visits to galleries I have work in, or checking out those I’d like to, museums, vintage markets and on one long hot summer day I wandered around Shoreditch and Brick Lane etc hunting out graffiti. . .

















Last few days

Starts with some sparkly trees on Canal Street!

Then a trip to the Whitworth Gallery to see the We Face Forward exhibition, some of which spilled out into the park.

Keep seeing these two poems from the bus on the way to the studio so at last I got a chance to see them close up . . .

Couple of great walls found in the Northern Quarter . . .

Two more pendants on cottons with oval postcards and dots of stamps I made at the start of the week; a couple of things I made later in the week are coming up soon . . .

A few days in Manchester

Spent three lovely sunny days in Manchester last week (reasons why to come another time!) Lots of wandering was done, from staying on Canal Street to visiting the Royal Exchange where Dazzle will be held at Christmas this year, to the People’s Museum and Spinningfields, lots of wandering around the Northern Quarter and an essential visit to the Manchester Craft and Design Centre, really worth a trip.