Tin type collection

Possibly a bit of an odd one . . . but I’m working on ideas for new jewellery and collages and have started by looking through groups and collections of objects I have at home and in the studio; one of which is my collection of tin types! Very intriguing things, I started to collect them a few years ago when I found them for pennies in a New York fleamarket, its not a massive collection, but I like them! . . .

Found recipe book

I’ve been looking over some old books this week, this one I bought this a few years ago at a fleamarket in New York from a man who said “I know you will look after it” – but looked at me like he knew I was likely to chop it up. But I promised. In any case its so fragile and lovely in its complete form that I couldn’t. I now have two recipe books, which according to Peter Blake, is a collection. It also reflects some collages I’ve been working on today so I thought it relevant to be posted. Sorry there are so many pages, I did manage to reduce it from 58!

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