from the open studios . . .

Few pics from last weeks open studios before I go in and dismantle everything again! Thanks to all that came along!


4 thoughts on “from the open studios . . .

  1. Ahhh – the tidy studio is to be bottled – I know the feeling too well.
    We’d probably enjoy going through the bits and bobs in eachother’s studio Clare, I am an avid collector of antique and vintage postcards!!! I scan them all at high resolution on both sides, and reprint them on archival paper to re use them over and over again in my work. I am so precious about the originals!! 😉 That’s why I am so drawn to your beautiful creations. x

    1. I no, I am sure we could spend hours in eachothers studios! I love what you do with them! I scan mine too, though before I get snipping, eek! I have loads I cant cut so will archive those ones. Sorry this has been a long coming reply, I went home spontaneously for awhile and just getting myself normalised!

    1. Thank you so much! I did think it looked nice, and it was great going in to work after in a tidy and properly presented studio space, though it will get messed up pretty quick as I have lots to make over the next weeks! Thanks for visiting.

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