Collage commission . . . Part two

A while ago I posted a bundle of ephemera I had been asked to create a very special collage with. It was for the customers husband to commemorate his grandfather who had fought in the war. You can find the individual papers here, this was followed by mocking up an initial collage for the customer to see. Sometimes there are a few tweaks at this stage to make sure the customer is perfectly happy before I go any further. I take photographs of the agreed collage, and then it is taken apart and re-built, securing the layers this time, follow this process of re-building below . .  .

First steps . . .


Building layers . . .


Final collage . . .
Final collage . . .


2 thoughts on “Collage commission . . . Part two

    1. Hello! It’s not really scary! I mock up commissions without sticking anything permanently until the customer is happy with my suggestion, I may use copies at this stage if there is cutting involved but use the originals in the final piece, that’s the point of the collage, to archive people’s treasures. These items are the things people care about and want to see on their walls every day, they have authentic wear and tear and qualities that come with them, photocopies don’t have any nice qualities and would have a completely flat appearance. In my opinion!

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