The Great Northern . . .

Well the Great Northern is over, I must say I am still alittle exhausted and still have heaps of catching up to do, so much is put aside when you’re doing a fair! But it was really great to be involved, and lovely to do a fair on the doorstep. Sales were good, comments were brilliant, it’s really a shame we can’t pay our bills with those comments, as boring as it sounds, we really do need them to become sales (I am sure some think creatives just get by happily, let me know how please!) I really enjoyed planning and then putting my stand together and seeing a full collection of jewellery and collages in a sympathetic context, I used pages from an old ledger book as a back drop, with lists of their shopping, debts and day trips from 1907. I think people really respond to my work when I am able to show the full story. It’s also really great to see some great work, some of my favourites being, Carla Edwards, Naomi Robinson, Julia Smith, Kaper and Julia Jowett (… there really were lots of gorgeous work!).

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6 thoughts on “The Great Northern . . .

  1. looks great Clare… and, yes, it’s such a hard slog this show business, so much energy goes into it, not alone the expense of doing them! But, hard work pays off, somehow, albeit not always financially! Good you had a great response and onwards and upwards! 🙂

  2. Wow, your stand looks fantastic Clare. The old ledger pages are a great idea and are so sympathetic to your work.
    As for sales, remember some people don’t always buy spontaneously, I’m sure some of those great comments will become sales in the near future.

    1. Ah thank you very much. I’d like to use the ledger papers in a future display, they work so well! Fingers crossed there will be follow up sales, I guess my work does often need a second / third viewing, and Christmas pressy buying has bearly began I guess! Thanks for your comments. x

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