Fathers Day next weekend …

So, cufflinks time again! Here are a few I have out there already …

In the Studio …

Fragment postcard cufflinks  £60 – I can send them free delivery and gift wrapped ready (oxidised silver, original fragments of contrasting postcards and perspex on top)

postcard2_72 postcard1_72

Available from madebyhandonline …

Ruler dot cufflinks £62 inc. postage + gift wrapping (oxidised silver, vintage wooden ruler)

clare_hillerby16_1_ruler_dot_cufflinks_72 clare_hillerby16_2_ruler_dot_cufflinks_72

Paper dot cufflinks £96 inc. postage + gift wrapping (oxidised silver, blue vintage stamps, perspex)

clare_hillerby7_1_cufflinks_72 clare_hillerby7_3_cufflinks_72

And lovedazzle …

Framed dots of paper £106 + postage £6.95 (oxidised silver, postcard + map, perspex)

cufflinks_pcd_map cufflinks_pcd_map_backs

I also have a pair of these framed circles in progress at the studio, so if you get in touch over the next few days I can do them in a choice of postcard, map and/or stamp (in various colours) £96 with free postage + gift wrapping, just let me know. (Thanks in advance for your support!)

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