Day out in Stockport

This was actually the Sunday before last but its been so busy this week, I’ve had to leave it until now. I ventured out on my own to Stockport, not such a big deal if you know that its not that far and very easy to get to. I’ve been lucky to have new friends taking me places so far, but this one I knew I wanted to spend time wandering and wandering, so off I went! The Vintage Village was on again, amazing! And I also went to the Staircase Museum, supposed to be really haunted, but I didn’t see anyone, shame!

Some lovely adverts, always my favourite thing to find
The old market place where the fair takes place
Beautiful ornate buildings with cinema and more vintage
Advert for a tailors by my new favourite furniture shop
Wandering around the market place
Curious date inscribbed into the floor
Went to the Staircase House Museum
Beautiful orange walls
Inside every floor was from a different period
Layers of walls from its stages of life
The rooms were based on who actually had lived there
My favorite, the 20’s room, and the least spooky
more old faded signage …
Lots of tudor style buildings dotted around the town
People getting married at the Plaza, their names in lights

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