My online shop is now open!

I’m excited to announce that my online shop is now open at!

There are new pieces of jewellery ready to buy now, a sample is below, (and new collages are coming soon!). You can also order items based on the collection in the shop, but tailor made to your preferences too, in different colourways for example. I will be adding new items every now and again so keep looking back.

I hope you like it!


4 thoughts on “My online shop is now open!

    1. O dear! Sorry you’re having problems. I do ship to the US, no problem. If you click onto ‘shop’ on the left in my website, you will first hit a page with all the buying information. The details cover you where ever you’re buying from, and I only charge £4 postage for anywhere. I hope I have covered everything there! This is the address for that page: Then you will see necklaces, bracelets, earrings etc as you’ve probably been on so you can look through the whole collection. At the top of each item you have the title on the left and along to the right at the same level there is the price. I hope you can see it now? Its all in Pounds Sterling. I have just checked and the exchange rate at the moment is 1.552554 so for example my ‘raindrops necklace is £125 or $194.07 USD (you can convert things here: just click on ‘currency converter’ under the picture)
      I hope this helps, if you still are struggling just drop me an email and I can send you all the details for the pieces you like.
      Thanks for commenting!

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