Little clay men

I got a handy tip from a fellow maker recently about a shop called Empire Exchange in town selling all kinds of ephemera and the like, so yesterday morning I took a trip there and found myself more paper nonsence for my ever expanding collection. I found 2 science notebooks from 1938 belonging to a Jean Fielden, full of lovely diagrams, her pencil notes and drawings.


Which brings me onto the amazing Vintage Village in Stockport I was introduced to on Sunday. I was impressed at myself not having to be dragged home kicking and crying, I am hooked and happy to say its on once every month! I did take my camera, but completely forgot, I was so absorbed! (next time!) So I took photos of my finds back at home. The drawers were from a car boot sale we went to first and the clothing labels may get stitched to a sofa cushion at some point…

Then this morning I went back passed Empire Exchange again as on my way up to the studio yesterday I came across a lovely bird painted on the side of the building, note the silhouette of the man crossing the road for later …

But, on my way up to the painted bird, I wandered through the centre of town as I recently found out about FutureEverything and heard about a ceramic artist who was depositing little clay men (#littleclaymen) around the city today for people to find and pick up as part of the event. I found loads on benches and statues, and a lot of intrigued people.

Later on my walk up to the studio I found more little clay men walking around a beautiful derelict building I stopped to photograph. I love the Northern Quarter, I feel so at home here, there is always something unexpected to find.

And now I have some little helpers in the studio … 

4 thoughts on “Little clay men

  1. what a fantastic adventurous post. i love the little things people notice. did the clay men follow you home? i bet they love their new surroundings in your buzzing enlightening studio space. Delightful!

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