Stamps . . .

Looking through my materials and inspirations in the studio at the moment as I’m in the process of making new work to launch on a new online shop on my website. Something I’ve been using for quite a few years now are stamps! Have yet to find a shop filled to ceiling like the one I used to go to in Edinburgh here, but I am sure there will be somewhere, Manchester seems to have everything and then some more. The stamps I prefer are one colour printed oldies and anyone who has visited my studio will see I divide them into bags based on colour, perhaps a little obsessively! They are such beautiful colours, and the linear printing, words, numbers, patterns, makinge them such little treasures. I avoid using stamps worthy of a proper collectors stamp album, it just wouldn’t be right. These are ‘apparently’ not so collectible. Biased towards reds at the moment and US, Africa and Indian stamps!

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