I’ve had a lot of interest in my bunting after the open evening at the studio last month . . . so I decided to top them up and post about them! They are something I sell in the studio but feel free to get in touch if you’re interested. They are all made from original vintage papers, often from broken books or out of date maps, all in need of a new life. At the moment I have bunting made from Enid Blyton books, girls annuals, maps, a gardening magazine and music paper, so for indoor use! They are made from folded circles, (11.5cm wide) on approx 3 metres long ribbon, with a loop at each end secured with an old button, so they are easy to hang up. They are £16 each and I can post them free of charge. Take a look and feel free to comment or email me at post@clarehillerby.co.uk for further information or to order . . . or come along to the next open studio evening (dates yet to be decided)!

Map bunting I pinched to put up at home!


Music bunting (from top) #3 #2 #1


Music bunting #2


Gardening bunting #4


Annual bunting #5


Annual bunting #6
Story Bunting #7
Story bunting #8


Story bunting #9


Map bunting #10


Map bunting #11


Map bunting #12


Map bunting #13


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