Tin type collection

Possibly a bit of an odd one . . . but I’m working on ideas for new jewellery and collages and have started by looking through groups and collections of objects I have at home and in the studio; one of which is my collection of tin types! Very intriguing things, I started to collect them a few years ago when I found them for pennies in a New York fleamarket, its not a massive collection, but I like them! . . .

2 thoughts on “Tin type collection

  1. There are lots of old photos around where you may notice a stand behind the person in the photo. these are memento mouri pictures. the subject it dead, being supported by an elaborate stand, often they are seated and sadly, often the subjects are children sat or ‘leaning’ against their living siblings. I wasn’t aware of these until my daughter who is at art college in leeds told me as she was doing work involving these pictures, and once you’re aware of them they seem to pop up all over the place. Some are hardly noticeable but unfortunately some are sadly more than obvious. *I bet you’re going to go through your collection to inspect them, I did as I collect victorian portrait photos. I had quite a few alas.

    1. Yea I’m aware of those photographs but I assumed I didn’t have any … yes I WILL be checking tonight! Feeling rather uneasy just now! There is one in this blog post with a couple looking glum and the woman looking downwards with their child sat on the fathers lap leaning on him, o no! Those photos are amazing mind. Thanks for pointing that out. Cx

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