First week of my new world!

Well I have been here a whole week! And I most definitely love it! From being lost in a new city, new flat without any of my belongings to being very ‘at home’, all in a week! Manchester is great and have been made to feel very welcome, such friendly people! And such visual treats with every wander and journey. Last weekend I wandered around my local areas, not really sure what one is…but I am sure it will all become clear soon enough. Wandered into the centre on a very misty Sunday last weekend to remind myself of the city I wanted to move to. And to moving into my studio and starting the very dusty job of setting it up, walls are prepared for some painting next week. And on the jewellery front, a group show of creatives using writing and typography in their work began today at The Harley Gallery, called ‘Love Letters’.

. . . its a way of life! . . .

misty Sunday wanderings

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