Upcoming exhibitions | Edinburgh to Manchester …

Two collections were delivered this week for upcoming exhibitions opening in my favourite month of November. The first is for ‘Reflection’ at the City Art Centre, Edinburgh. This is a special exhibition highlighting the work of 22 makers and artists from Edinburgh who have received an award from Edinburgh City Council over the last 10 years. It features work produced with the award for special individual projects, in my case 3 pieces of jewellery produced for Collect 09. I’m so pleased to be invited to be part of this show as to me it marks my career to date as a maker based in Edinburgh – significant to me anyway, especially as there are a few changes to come my way next year…!  It opens on 19 November and more details can be found here

Necklace with unknown characters
With love to all from all Brooch
Graffiti Necklace

The next exhibition is Dazzle at the beautiful Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester (I mentioned the venue after a trip to Manchester posted details here). Dazzle is always exciting as its the best way to see a great selection of jewellery by great jewellers currently working in the UK. Hope some of you can make it if you’re local!

Mixed shapes necklace at Dazzle Manchester

2 thoughts on “Upcoming exhibitions | Edinburgh to Manchester …

    1. Thank you for the lovely response! Yes Dazzle should exhibit across the world! Although they do in a way with the online shop I guess (lovedazzle.com) Next best thing if you can’t visit. I’m lucky to catch it in Edinburgh in August, very inspiring.

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