New jewellery

It’s been a busy time since my last posting, after my laser cutting summer school I completed a group of jewellery I had previously put on hold for Contemporary Applied Arts in London and then got back to working on my new collection for Debbie Bryan Studio & Shop in Nottingham, to arrive in time for their Heritage Open Days (8 to 11 September), my work will continue at the shop after the open days.

I have put aside my laser cutting and etching experiments as I think I need to sleep on them for awhile longer and instead for this collection I simply drew from the lace patterns, taking shapes from the drawings to incorporate in this new group. I used postcards both the written side and the images, stamps and postal markings, of postcards that had been either sent from or to Nottingham, from around 1880 to the 1930’s. Including one postcard, bought and sent from Nottingham to Paris, then forwarded to a second hotel in Paris before it made its way to Isreal where it was sold to me and so now returns to Nottingham via Edinburgh. Maybe someone visiting from Paris will buy the necklace it now lives in?

Next I will be preparing for the Doors Open Days here in Edinburgh which includes a guided tour behind the scenes at our studio building at WASPS Patriothall in Stockbridge, and my studio will be open for a nosey, as will The Edinburgh Laser Cutting Studio where I took my summer school course. This all takes place on Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 September (open 12 to 5pm each day). Then the following weekend we will be having our official annual WASPS open studios weekend – Saturday 1 (11am to 5pm) and Sunday 2 October (12noon – 5pm). Feel free to visit, there will be quite a few studios open to have a browse around.












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