Cutting and etching week

My week of laser cutting and etching is going too fast! I’m having far too much fun for it to finish today! This is what I’ve been playing with so far, getting to grips with just some of the possibilities. I’ve so many ideas to try out I could do with another week, and it’s such a great way to spend your weeks!

My first test with a laser cut (a little) a kiss-cut (birdy) and an etch (told me)
Then we tried etching and cutting from a scanned drawing
An etch old photograph, there is so much more I would like to do with this


First postcard etched using a section from the lace patterns


Another lace test, less large holes, but lots of breaks, I must put in bridges!


A detail of the previous postcard


My next card, laser in action! Stronger and more lines on this one.


The result, with much more detail


The last one from yesterday, in progress...


I wanted this one to cut through more, but perhaps my settings were up a bit too far!


Once finished cutting, but the before it was picked up (and it fell into holes!).


The result, sat on a postcard as it was so fragile. It took an hour to cut so impractical really but lovely.


A detail, this is a really lacey effect and looks almost 3-dimentional.


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