I wanted to do a post on all my current collages with a little Special Offer for June and July 2011.

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If you haven’t seen them before, they are, well an excuse to collect more papers! Some of the papers I collect for my jewellery just work better kept at a bigger scale, I can also use pieces of paper I’m finished with in the jewellery and have ovals cut out of them, I like what is left behind and I do this with metalwork too. I’m also able encorporate things that just don’t suit my jewellery, but I love. I include metalwork, remnants after cutting out ovals for my jewellery, and now and again while I’m making elements for my jewellery I make an extra for the collages. The words I stitch across the layers refer to communication aswell as words in found in the papers of the collage I’m stitching. Other interesting things, buttons, photos, playing cards end up finding their home here too. Everything is original and old and each collage is a one-off.

These are all currently available to buy from me for £90 each and I thought for the rest of June and July I would do an offer of £160 for any two ordered at the same time, and free postage for every order too! For your reference, they vary in size from 13 to 27cm wide x 9 to 23 in height, you can comment or email me for specific sizes if you prefer and they will arrive unframed/mounted on white board and I promise to pack them well!

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