‘First Anniversary : Paper’ exhibition

My necklace has now been completed and posted for the ‘First Anniversary: Paper’ exhibition at Unit Twelve in Stafford. The exhibition opens on Saturday 7 May (4.30 to 6.30pm) and continues until 30 July. It’s going to be a really interesting and exciting exhibition showcasing one signature piece from each of 25 contemporary makers who work with paper; both established and new artists …

Susan Cutts / Helen Musselwhite / Hannah Lobley / Saloukee / Priscilla Jones / Ruth Allen / Katherine Richmond / Sarah Morpeth / Ruth Singer / Clare Hillerby / Betty Pepper / Jennifer Collier / Iain Perry / Rachel Eardley / Shellie Holden / Anya Keeley / Magie Hollingworth / Julie Arkell / Becky Adams / Helen Roberts / Rebecca J Coles / Jane Ponsford  / Claire Brewster / Jo Pond / Phiona Richards

A hint of the piece I have sent …

This is the second show I have been involved in at Unit Twelve, I was included in their very first show ‘Yours Sincerely’ so its nice to be in the anniversary show aswell. I’m looking forward to visiting this time around, the gallery looks lovely and she has just opened up new artists studios (I may not come back!), it will be amazing to meet with some of the makers involved and of course to see owner Jennifer Collier herself. You can see the other makers work by visiting the exhibitions page on the Unit Twelve website.

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