Next exhibition …

This week has been a re-thinking week as I have an upcoming group exhibition to prepare one piece for. It’s Unit 12’s First Anniversary: Paper exhibition with some really exciting makers involved. So Tuesday I took off to the Dean Gallery – I rarely get chance to spend a whole day exploring and getting inspired, so this was a treat. They have a brilliant exhibition of August Sanders photography on at the moment, I love late 1800’s to mid 1900’s photography, especially of people, their work, their lives. This first image wasn’t actually in the exhibition but I came home and looked up more, extended the exhibition a little.

Wandering from the Modern Art Gallery alongside the lovely water of Leith I managed to spot two of the Antony Gormley sculptures – still intend to find them all and blog them together (as long as no more are nicked!). I loved this perfect oval cut into the tree, and the striped railings and pavement…

Then the last couple of days I have been working through some ideas, selecting postcards to be used, getting them all scanned (I alway record them before I use them).  Then time in the studio playing with ideas, give me a drill, some scraps of paper and new pencils, and I’m very happy… The deadline is the middle of next week so I will add details of the piece I made (will make!) and the details of the exhibition soon. Now off to book my train ticket, it’s a rare occasion of being able to attend the private view

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