Found recipe book

I’ve been looking over some old books this week, this one I bought this a few years ago at a fleamarket in New York from a man who said “I know you will look after it” – but looked at me like he knew I was likely to chop it up. But I promised. In any case its so fragile and lovely in its complete form that I couldn’t. I now have two recipe books, which according to Peter Blake, is a collection. It also reflects some collages I’ve been working on today so I thought it relevant to be posted. Sorry there are so many pages, I did manage to reduce it from 58!

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5 thoughts on “Found recipe book

  1. I absolutely love your Found Recipe Book.
    These things are such treasures! I find them fairly hard to come by, but perhaps i’m not looking in the right places!

    I’ve recently inherited my Grandmothers old recipe book, it’s similar in it’s fall-apart-y-ness to yours. Her’s is almost entirely handwritten and completely alphabetically and numerically cross referenced at the back! How organised!

    I’m currently doing a project on it but i’m quite scared of ruining the book, i find myself quickly looking at it, scanning it and then wrapping it back up in it’s paper bag and hiding it again!

    Anyway, Lovely, I love your blog.

    Kate Ward

    1. Thanks Kate, I actually follow your blog too, and love it! I love what you are doing with the book, its beautiful. It is hard to use precious things and not sit and get engrossed in it. But keep doing what you are doing because its great! It is hard to come by these things, I have one other, more intact and with very neat writing and hand numbered pages, but not cross-referenced!

      Thanks for saying hi!

  2. this book is BEAUTIFUL!!!

    (I saw your jewellery in the CAA and had to find out more when I got home! I love your pieces, they encompass so much that I love and am intrigued by.)

    1. Thank you! I love that book too, its so fragile and so well used, the owner seems to bake for competitions as there are rules included and most of the recipes are for sweets. Very intriguing! I will check for you email and get back to you soon!

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