Solo show opens at The Scottish Gallery

The Private View for my show was last night at The Scottish Gallery here in Edinburgh. It was a great evening with lots of lovely guests. It was a real treat to see other jewellers there too. I was also honoured (and not sure if worthy!) to be alongside retrospective of William Kirk’s work. Bill was my tutor at Edinburgh College of Art and an amazing silversmith. It’s Bill I have to specally thank for my rivets! He would walk away after asking how to do something then reappear with bits of wood and metal and then quietly create the perfect tool and method to create the right solution and I remember him showing me various types of rivet this way, accompanied by clear drawings to understand how the metal was being worked. Amazing. I did have him in mind when I made the work for this exhibition. I hope my rivets are ok! Images of all my work in the collection and more information on Bill’s work can be seen on the gallery website.

4 thoughts on “Solo show opens at The Scottish Gallery

    1. Lovely – thank you! There is another opening tomorrow (Saturday) from 11.30 to 2pm which I will be at from 12 noon. Or it continues until the 29th of January if you would prefer to avoid the opening! Hope you can make it.

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