Found paper inspiration

Last Saturday was a great day for trawling round a various fairs in Edinburgh to find inspiring ephemera to use for my upcoming exhibition at The Scottish Gallery in Edinburgh in January. I started off by finding a pair of really soft royal blue kid gloves to go with my glove collection, I’m wanting to post my collections of various old items in the new year, so that’s to follow. At the book fair I found lovely little packages of souvenier photographs which I had overlooked in the past but these were very cute with lovely covers. One from Fountains Abbey ‘Series of Photographs for your snapshot album’, two of Eastbourne one being an Easter present to an Aunt Lucy, written on the reverse. Another of Torquay and the last is ‘Valetines Picture Panels of Chatsworth House’. They may become mini plinths for displaying my work – to be tried out later this week.

 Then I discovered a small envelope addressed to Miss Seller in Hull, full of photographs of a group on holiday in and around Bergen in August 1911. Two photos were taken on a glacier – in their skirts and blouses! On the reverse of the last photo is written ‘ The Viking – Deck Billiards’ with a hint of old numbers in chalk which I love.

The next image shows two dark photographs of a group of people, same people but different positions, and on the reverse of one it says ‘ Mr & Mrs Wilson Thompson, 1913. I found a programme for Swiss Tours in 1912, I have a lovely French tour programme with illustrations so it will go with that, then and a business card for a Piano Tuner in Edinburgh, ‘The Greatest Compliment I can pay my friends is to pre-pare my piano for their reception. Are YOU prepared?’.

Then the biggest pile of postcards I’ve bought in one go for a long time – a really great find. Not all of these things will be put into the work necessarily, some will be in the display and all are inspiring.

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