Secret autumn garden near my studio

I was walking to the studio earlier in the week and passed groups of tourists near my flat excitedly snapping photos around Greyfriars Bobby’s statue, others outside the Elephant House and it just had a real comic appearance as I walked to work,  I’ve obviously seen this before but it was like seeing in actual time a shopping list of what to do when visiting Edinburgh and somehow looked sort of surreal. Then I passed a few people in of-old-times costumes on the Royal Mile, followed by a horde of people photographing musicians on the Mound that looked like they had stepped out of a history book too (and were brilliant!), all very Edinburgh and I wished I had my camera to take, not the same pictures but from the perspective of someone living here and on the way to work! I then walked passed this small garden nearer the studio which was bathed in hot autumn light and looked amazing. So I kicked myself for leaving without my camera and took it the next day: the quietest day in Edinburgh! The secret garden was, well not as good, but still there…! It’s not a secret, you just cant go in unless you’re lucky enough to live on the posh street around it and it is smothered in leaves around the outside which makes it look very private. It just looked very autumnal and lovely so I thought I would post it…. followed by some stringy stuff a workman had dumped on the floor, quickly snapped, I don’t think he saw! Just liked it and the greyish background was perfect for it…I’m sure that’s what he had in mind!

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